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In the summer of 2012 KBN was granted the opportunity to manage the Eden Shale Farm in Owenton, KY. The contract is a cooperative agreement with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and KBN, LLC. UK still owns the property, but KBN will operate the farm and oversee day-to-day operations. Corporate Partnerships will also play a role at the farm in helping with showing economically feasible BMP’s that farmers can utilize on their own operations.  KBN’s plan is to use it as a demonstration farm to show cost-effective/highly efficient production practices that producers can take and use to make their operations more profitable.


Eden Shale Farm Goals:


Eden Shale Farm was established in 1955 as a research farm for the University of Kentucky. Thirty-three counties rose between $500 and $1000 while farmers in those counties put one cent per acre of Eden Shale soil type on their farm to put towards the total cost of the farm. Research centered on pasture improvement, management, and livestock grazing and some of the early research on Kentucky 31 fescue was completed at Eden Shale.  The farm is 960 acres with 600 acres in pasture and hay ground and the balance in trees. Over the course of 55 years this farm only saw three managers, two of which retired from the farm after 25+ years of service.  The University of Kentucky closed operations of Eden Shale in July 2012 due to budget constraints.






Mission Statement
The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service (KCES) Beef Integrated Resource Management (IRM) program will change the Kentucky beef industry in a measurable, positive way by providing a dynamic educational program that benefits the maximum number of beef producers with small, medium and large herds. This program will use an integrated approach to provide the beef industry of Kentucky (beef producers, allied industry, KCES agents) with interdisciplinary, unbiased, research based, training and resource materials to enhance an individual's ability to make decisions.

Land Dale coordinates the Advanced Master Cattleman Program and Cow College. The UK extension website contains information on Master Cattlemen, CPH 45, BQA, calendars as well as UK College of Agriculture research publications.

For More Information, contact:
Land Dale: or at 859-278-0899

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Management And Genetics-60 day postweaning
In this program, KBN will partner with beef producers to synchronize estrus in their beef females for timed insemination. Females will be time-inseminated to reduce the labor costs associated with AI. Producers will AI their females to a small, select group of sires that are proven in their ability to sire productive, profitable calves.

MAG-60 Step by Step:
1. Contact your extension agent, facilitator, or KBN office to express interest in this program.
2. Sign MOA provided by KBN, facilitator, or extension agent
3. Purchase estrus synchronization products from your vet.
4. Synchronize females that you would like to be in this program contact KBN, facilitator, or extension agent if you have questions about how to do this.
5. Call one of the pre-selected AI companies to schedule a time for the technician to come breed your females.
6. Have females pre-checked.
7. Start keeping individual birth records on calves as they are born.
8. Report inventories of calves once they are all born to extension agent or KBN office.
9. Wean calves for 60 days, manage calves to meet the current CPH-45 guidelines for pre-conditioning protocol.
10. Turn in Process Verification Program for Age and Source Verification application to KBN office.
11. Market calves through one of the pre-determined marketing avenues.

How to get started?
Producers need to contact their county extension agent, facilitator, or KBN office. Interested parties will need to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that commits the calves born into this program to one of the available marketing options.

Who benefits from this program?
Current AI users who don't have an established marketing program or producers who haven't used AI in the past but would like to take advantage of it through cost-share opportunities.

Producers pay for the cost of the estrus synchronization products (approx: $20/female). The Kentucky Beef Network will pay the AI companies for their service and the semen (approx: $20/female).

How do I decide what bulls to use?
You may select a pre-determined bull from one of the four AI companies. Below is a chart that lists the available bulls by breed, name, and classification.

What if I have females that don't get bred?
Only calves that are sired by MAG-60 bulls will qualify for this program.

Who is responsible for preg-checking my females?
The producer is responsible for having his females preg-checked. KBN or UK personnel will not be responsible for preg-checking females this will need to be completed by an outside source.

Will I have to do any reports?
KBN will require producers keep individual birth records on calves in this program, along with reporting inventories throughout the program to help establish numbers of calves to market or retain.

MAG-60 Marketing Options
1. Retained Ownership-
2. MAG-60 steers may be retained into feedlots by owner. Specific programs will be developed to help facilitate this process.
3. MAG-60 heifers may be retained into the owner's herd.
4. MAG-60 Bred Heifer sale-
5. MAG-60 heifers can be sold at local bred heifer sales and be bred back to a MAG-60 bull.
6. MAG-60 Direct Marketing-
7. If producer has enough numbers to create a truck load, these calves can be direct marketed from the farm.
8. MAG-60 Sales-
9. Calves not marketed through the other options may be sold through MAG-60 co-mingled sales.

What if I don't want to use established marketing options?
Any calves not being marketed through one of the four established options will not be considered part of the program. Based on the MOU producers sign they will be expected to pay back the cost share money received for the calves that don't stay in the program.

How long will this program last?
Three breeding seasons: November 2011-January 2012, March-June 2012, and November 2012-January 2013 or until we have 12,000 females bred for this program.

Bulls and Technician Information:

ABS Global
Breed Bull Name Female Classification
Angus New Standard Heifer
Angus Foresight Cow
Charolais Gridmaker Cow
Hereford R294 Heifer
Simmental Combination Cow

Technician Phone Number
David McGlothlin859-544-3944Richmond,KY
Ryan Miller 859-779-5461 Bardstown, KY
Jason Crowe 859-582-0761 Irvine, KY Serves Bowling Green & East
Ben Lloyd 859-993-1074 Whitesville, KY Serves Bowling Green & West
Stuart James 618-833-3734 Anna, IL Serves west of Kentucky Lake
Jim Wells 859-744-7131 Winchester, KY

Accelerated Genetics
Breed Bull Name Female Classification
Angus Dash Heifer
Angus Total Impact Cow
Charolais Platinum Cow
Hereford On Target Heifer
Simmental Manifest Cow

Technicians Phone Number
Butch Nunn 270-234-4909 Upton, KY
Jason Botts 270-308-5224 Glasgow, KY
Lee Collins 270-704-5300 Salem, KY
Jerry Gilliam 270-839-6571 Hopkinsville, KY
Mike McKinnley 859-421-1958 Cynthiana, KY
Brian Hornback 270-735-3227 District Sales Manager

Breed Bull Name Female Classification
Angus Next Day Heifer
Angus 9M25 Cow
Charolais Bluegrass Cow
Hereford Revolution Heifer
Simmental Dew Time Cow

Technicians Phone Number
Bob Palmore 502-542-0284 Hardyville, KY Serves all Kentucky
Jerod Metzger 270-779-6260 Serves Bowling Green area
Henry Lee Colvin 270-469-0425 Serves Campbellsville area
Craig Simpson 859-462-1967 Serves Dry Ridge area

Select Sires
Breed Bull Name Female Classification
Angus Predestined Cow
Angus Game On Heifer
Charolais Benchmark Cow
Hereford Durango Heifer
Simmental Rookie Cow

Technicians Phone Number
Cliff Strieker 502-905-2513 Jackson, MO Serves far West KY
Kevin Armstrong 502-905-8760 Shelbyville, KY Serves Central KY
Phil Carter 502-558-1976 Bloomfield, KY Serves East Central KY
Mike Tooley 270-792-9129 Bowling Green, KY Serves West KY
Kenley Conner 502-905-7825 Junction City, KY Serves East KY


The primary purpose of the Southeastern Livestock Network, LLC is to represent the interests of regional livestock producers in the regulatory and legislative arenas that impact their ability to manage and market their animals and to provide data management services for cattlemen, auction markets, order buyers, and the beef industry.

The goals of the SLN are to:
• Protect, promote, and improve the livestock industry and its marketing infrastructure in the partner states
• Serve as an independent party, representing the interests of the producers and markets in legislative and political arenas
• Provide valuable services to the livestock industry in a manner which seeks to control the cost of those services
• Serve as a collective voice to address future issues of concern to livestock producers in cooperating states
• Expand the uses of Electronic ID technology in the industry for the benefit of the producers and market channels
• Serve as the voice for the cattle industry in national and state legislative and regulatory arenas in a collaborative effort with other like purposed groups
• Support the eleven state cattlemen's association and their members.

SLN Members:
Alabama Cattlemen's Association
Florida Cattlemen's Association
Georgia Cattlemen's Association
Kentucky Beef Network, LLC
Louisiana Cattlemen's Association
Mississippi Cattlemen's Association
North Carolina Cattlemen's Association
South Carolina Cattlemen's Association
Tennessee Cattlemen's Association
Virginia Cattlemen's Association
West Virginia Cattlemen's Association

To Learn More About SLN Contact:
Visit the SLN website for more info:
or contact Becky Thompson, Director Kentucky Beef Network: