Why Advertise in Cow Country News…?
Statewide circulation of over 9000 (Bonus distribution up to 20,000 at various fairs and shows)
Kentucky is home to nearly 1.1 Million beef cows
Kentucky is the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River with over 38,000 active producers
Kentucky is ranked 4th nationally in total number of farms (Following Texas, Missouri and Iowa)
Provides up-to-date news and information to all 99 chapters in 120 counties in Kentucky
Reaches members of the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association all across the state
Promotes and educates state funded programs like the MAG-60, Master Cattleman, Master Grazier, and Cow College
Kentuckians have the cost share advantage with the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund providing for various farm improvements including fencing, forages, equipment, bulls and much more.

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Farm Accounts:

Carey Brown or Leanna McGuire
office: 859.278.0899

Business & National Accounts:
Livestock Advertising Network

Debby Nichols
Cell: 859.321.8770

Cathy Campbell
Cell: 609.865.9200

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